10 Trends Likely To Dominate SEO In 2023

SEO is a boon for the marketing world. No other marketing practice works as well as SEO does. Every year, new trends change the pace of this online marketing tactic. Some trends are evergreen, while others stay for a concise time. Besides, SEO is an addictive profession. If you become an SEO executive, you’ll find it difficult to get away from it. You’re continuously looking for what’s trending and what’s not, even if you have changed your profession. This is why we’re here with some of the SEO trends that are likely to dominate SEO in 2023. 

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Core Web Vitals 

Many SEO executives have caught the fancy of core web vitals. Google has set a standard for the websites wishing to rank on the 1st page of Google Search Results in terms of Core Web Vitals 

SEO In 2023

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint 

FID – First Input Delay 

CIS – Cumulative Layout Shift 

In May 2021, Google publicly confirmed that – ‘It is taking Core Web Vitals as one of the crucial ranking factors’. 


Largest Contentful Paint helps in quantifying (measuring) the loading performance of a website. If an LCP is not occurring within 2.5 seconds, your website is losing its chance to appear on the 1st page of SERP. 


First Input Delay is essential for providing a good user experience. The pages with an FID of 100 milliseconds are considered ideal. 


Cumulative Layout Shift is an essential parameter for measuring visual stability. It enriches the user’s experiences. Therefore it is expected the ideal pages maintain a CLS of at least 0,1 seconds. 

Localization of SEO 

Earlier, SEO was not confined to any geographical boundaries, which was the probable reason that less traffic and leads were generated through Local SEO. But, recently, a trend to localize SEO efforts, has been booming across the world. Businesses are finding it profitable to generate traffic and leads through local SEO. GMB – Google My Business and creating local listings are helping to strengthen local SEO efforts. 

Content Structuring 

Content plays a crucial role in the success of an SEO Toronto campaign. But sadly, it was the most underrated part of SEO. Immediately after the advent of ‘Featured snippets’, the importance of structuring content was realized. So, SEO executives changed their content marketing strategies and incorporated content structuring as a focused part of their strategies. 

If the content published on your website is merely textual, there are no headings, subheadings, bullets or lists or visuals; then it can’t be considered something that’ll add value for the users. 

Studying Customer Behavior 

Earlier, SEO was limited to generating traffic, high-quality leads and helping clients to make revenue. But in 2022, it has gone beyond, and will continue to become vast in many more years to come. SEO has become more of studying consumer behaviour and crafting strategies accordingly. Earlier, more focus was given to ‘Acquiring New Customers’. But, the previous few years have observed the trend of retaining clients’. To achieve that, it was the need of the hour for SEO to become more vast. 

In today’s time, if somebody asks you, ‘What is SEO for?’ Your answer will be counted correctly if you say, ‘It is about acquiring new customers and retaining the old customers.’ 

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Mobile SEO

As we are aware of the fact that – More than half of the internet-accessing population is making use of mobile phones. So it has become essential to channelize SEO efforts in the right direction. Mobile SEO is what is going to trend in 2023. 

Significantly fewer people are using desktops to conduct their search queries, so investing time, energy and mind in strategizing to rank higher on the desktop will not benefit you. 

Mobile SEO is something SEO executives should lay their complete focus on in 2023. 

Make Updations & Upgradation ‘A Regular Habit’ 

As someone has rightly said, ‘SEO is not a set it and forget it approach.’ One needs to be consistent with SEO efforts. Updates and upgrades are necessary from time to time.

It shouldn’t be like that – You’ve posted a blog on ‘Google Analytics’ in 2014, and it hasn’t been modified till 2022. It may be impactful in 2014, but it would be useless in the following years. 

Using LSI Versions of keywords 

Gone are the days when content writers were instructed to embed one focus keyword multiple times (in accordance with ideal keyword density). But, in 2022, keyword embedment strategy is not only restricted to using focus or primary keywords; rather, it has become broader, and the usage of LSI versions of keywords in content is also expected. This trend is likely to continue for many more years to come. 

Search-Intent Is The King

Though this phrase has been famous for many years, “Content Is King,” it is not seen to be holding true in 2023. It is useless if the content is not written based on search intent. Nobody is going to read it since it is not in demand. But if you invest a good deal of time in searching for the things your users are willing to gain information for, your content will be valuable for many. 

Not All SEO Efforts Are Meant To Derive Traffic & Leads

Though businessmen hire SEO executives to run campaigns that’ll help them gain organic & niche-relevant traffic and exclusively ready-to-buy leads, focusing on monetary gains every time will not help you. It’ll make you sound like ‘DESPO’ in the market. People will have an idea that – ‘Don’t trust this brand; their only motive is to sell things and make money.’

Visuals-Oriented Marketing

Content is not the only thing that matters in 2022 and will not solely matter in 2023. Graphics and Video Marketing are going to rule the SEO world in 2023. Some people with an unacademic background prefer not to read a long piece of content; instead, they intend to grab the maximum information through graphics and videos. 


2023 is going to be a rocking year for SEO executives as they’re going to experience a lot of exciting trends. We’ll keep you updated with the latest SEO trends to ensure you’re matching the league of SEO. 

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