08 Best Marketing Automation Tools for B2B Lead Generation

Are you facing challenges in B2B lead generation for your business?

Don’t Worry! There are some of the best marketing automation tools that can change the whole lead generation game for your business.

Let’s learn about them and pick the one that suits you the best!

The market is ferociously competitive irrespective of the niche. It is no surprise that several businesses face immense challenges in getting a constant stream of qualified leads for their sales team. To make things a bit easier, numerous marketers invest in marketing automation tools for B2B lead generation.

A recent study has shown that 17% of marketers are able to generate enough leads using marketing automation tools. These tools can be a complete game changer in the process of lead generation. It can increase your conversion rate and save a lot of time.

However, when you try to find the best one, you can get a bit overwhelmed as the market is overrun with countless options.

Dont worry! We have rounded up the 08 best marketing automation tools that will help you identify prospects, collect their information, and nurture them through the sales funnel effortlessly.

Let’s discover them and soar your sales with power-packed lead generation tools!

What is a Lead Generation Tool? Which One is Best for Your Business?

A lead generation tool is a platform or software that aids many businesses in finding and capturing potential customers for their offerings. These marketing automation tools are designed to automate the process of capturing, attracting, qualifying, and converting leads into ultimate buying. These tools are great for capturing home improvement leads, so contractors and businesses that are struggling to find new customers for their services can utilize them and make things work in their favor.

Here is the list of the best marketing automation tools for B2B lead generation, you can pick one that entices you the most and suits your needs.

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Leads API

Leads API is a cloud-based automation tool for lead generation and data enrichment. This tool helps businesses in finding and nurturing leads contact and company data from multiple sources. This tool enables businesses to integrate lead generation into their applications and workflows with the REST API feature. Leads API extract and enriches the data and contact information of a company very easily.

Key Features of Leads API:

  • Provides comprehensive data on various companies and contacts data including their email address, phone numbers, names, etc.
  • Customizing search categories based on location, job titles, and more is easy.
  • Generate more targeted leads.
  • Ease of integrating with popular CRM and other marketing automation tools.
  • Flexible pricing plans.


ZoomInfo is another best marketing automation tool for B2B lead generation. This B2B data provider gives you access to a comprehensive database of business information such as contact information, company news, company profiles, etc. This saves a lot of time for your sales team, so they can focus on other vital aspects of your business.

Key Features of ZoomInfo:

  • Finding particular companies using advanced filters can save a lot of time and effort.
  • Quick access to additional data to understand your potential customers in a better way.
  • Enrichment of contact and company information.
  • Real-time data updates that maintain relevancy and accuracy of the information.
  • Advanced analytics and sales intelligence features that assist you in identifying high-value opportunities and making data-driven decisions.


Hunter.io is another B2B lead generation tool that helps businesses find and verify contact information including the email addresses of potential customers. This tool also provides comprehensive data on prospects including social media links, job titles, and company information. This marketing automation tool greatly helps the sales team from doing manual research. It saves their time, so they can focus on more important tasks.

Key Features of Hunter.io:

  • Finding and verifying all the email addresses with a particular domain name is easy.
  • This marketing automation tool verifies whether emails are delivered or not. It also highlights the ones which are not valid email addresses.
  • This tool captures and provides information like job titles, social media profiles, and other important data of prospects.
  • Creating and managing email campaigns to reach prospective customers is very easy.


AeroLeads is another best B2B lead generation tools that has helped many businesses gain new customers. This tool finds contact information and prospective customer data to accelerate marketing and sales efforts.

Key Features of AeroLeads:

  • Ease of finding prospects that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Enrichment of contact and company data provides a good amount of info to improve engagement and offer personalized reach.
  • Verification of leads ensures that the information of prospects is completely accurate and up-to-date.
  • Real-time data updates ensure that you get relevant and accurate information about your prospects.


Clearbit is another B2B data provider that offers a range of tools to help your business improve its marketing and sales efforts. It helps you gain insight into your prospective customers to improve engagement with a personalized reach.

Key Features of Clearbit:

  • Enrichment of leads provides data that helps you reach your prospects in a more personalized manner.
  • Identification of prospects helps your business find new customers that match your target audience.
  • The ABM (Account-based Marketing) feature allows you to craft targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Real-time updates ensure that the information you get is up-to-date.


Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools out there. This tool helps businesses analyze, monitor, and measure their social media presence. This tool greatly helps in capturing and nurturing prospects for sales.

Key Features of Hootsuite:

  • Scheduling and publishing social media posts allow you to schedule posts across different platforms.
  • Monitoring and engagement of social media profiles assist you in tracking brand mentions and quick engagement with your prospects.
  • Analysis and reporting offer real insights into your profile performance and return on investment (ROI).
  • Workflow management and team collaboration features enable you to assign various tasks easily and simplify the entire process.

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is another best marketing automation tool for B2B lead generation. It offers some amazing website visitor tracking features that assist businesses in identifying and capturing leads from the traffic they get on their website.

Key Features of Lead Forensics:

  • Identification of site visitors enables you to check the names of companies visiting your site.
  • Capturing and enrichment of leads helps in making your outreach more personalized.
  • Scoring and lead prioritization help you identify promising leads on the basis of engagement.
  • Quick notifications and real-time alerts enable you to quickly respond to good opportunities.


HubSpot is a comprehensive B2B sales and marketing automation tool that offers a range of features that streamline the complete sales process. This tool helps many businesses to find, attract, engage, and nurture customers with a suite of powerful tools.

Key Features of HubSpot:

  • It is a CRM that offers a centralized database to store customer information and manage it very easily.
  • Its marketing automation feature enables you to create and easily manage landing pages and email campaigns to find and attract new customers.
  • The sales automation feature offers various tools to automate major tasks like lead qualification and appointment scheduling.
  • This tool provides deep insight into the performance of marketing and sales including email open rates and the number of footfalls on the website.

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Final Thoughts

Lead generation tools have greatly helped businesses gain new customers. These tools are becoming one of the major aspects of making modern business successful. Automating the process of identifying, qualifying, and nurturing leads can help your business attain sales goals quickly.

However, don’t completely rely on these marketing tools for lead generation. Keep your approach customer-centric, leverage the power of analytics, and create quality content to accelerate your marketing efforts.

This was our list of some best lead generation tools, all of them are reliable and offer good results.

Do share your experience after using any of these tools. We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead generation software?

Lead generation software is a tool that offers several features to help you generate leads. This tool simplifies the process of sales and helps you gain new leads quickly.

How to find good lead generation software?

Many techniques exist to find the most reliable lead generation software. However, the best tool depends on your business requirements.

Which is the best marketing automation tool for B2B lead generation?

All the mentioned tools in our post are among the best ones in the market. You can pick one that suits your requirements.

Which is the most popular lead generation tool?

Although all the listed lead generation tools are best for your business, HubSpot, ZoomInfo, and Leads API are the most popular ones.

Do My Business really need a lead generation tool?

If you want to save the time and effort of your sales, you should invest in a reliable lead generation tool. These tools not only help you find several new leads but also increase your conversion rate.

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