Agile vs DevOps – Which one is better for Software Development?

Agile vs DevOps

Introduction In the ever-changing world of technology, it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations. Agile and DevOps are two popular methodologies used in software development today. Agile focuses on rapid delivery and iteration of products, while DevOps emphasizes collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. Both approaches have been … Read more

Formulating Functional Specifications for Tableau’s Business Intelligence Products

Tableau's Business Intelligence Products

In today’s world, data is the driving force behind every firm. Every contact that takes place and every procedure that is carried out inside an organization both create data. Touchpoints with customers, such as escalations to a support team, sales leads in your pipeline, invoices and financial reporting information, or any of a multitude of … Read more

How ABM Technology helps in Evolving Modern Marketing

How ABM Technology helps in Evolving Modern Marketing

As the account-based marketing (ABM Technology) landscape continues to evolve, what does it mean for B2B focused businesses?  For some companies, it’s the subset of the business that focuses on several accounts. For some, it’s a set of strategies driven by different tools and technologies.  There’s no doubt that account-based marketing has come a long … Read more

How Machine Learning Services Will Reshape Enterprise Technology?

Machine Learning Services

Machine learning is a rapidly-evolving field of artificial intelligence that involves the use of algorithms and statistical models to enable a system to improve its performance on a specific task over time. In the context of enterprise technology, machine learning services can be used to improve a wide range of applications, from predictive analytics and … Read more

How Web3 in IoT will Bring Digital Transformation

Web3 in IoT will Bring Digital Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) devices’ uses are growing tremendously in our daily lives and business. Global IoT connections are expected to grow to 27 billion by 2025. Today’s IoT businesses mainly run on the Web2 means they are centralized and are governed by a particular organization or firm. These organizations use collected data to maximize … Read more

NFT vs Blockchain: What’s The Difference?

NFT vs Blockchain

Nowadays, everyone makes online purchases using transferrable financial technologies. The internet offers a variety of options for sending money from one location to another. Modern business people utilize a variety of online money tokens to facilitate transactions. Digital forms are used to document this kind of transaction. So, blockchains and NFT serve as a recording mechanism. … Read more

A Foreign Exchange Rates API For Developers

Foreign Exchange Rates API For Developers

Currency is one of the essential components of business and investment. Therefore, firms that do business in foreign markets need to be up-to-date on the various currencies and their constantly changing values. Today, many businesses use several applications to convert hundreds of currencies. Although the number of trade transactions is growing, the length of each … Read more

How Can You Estimate Software Development Costs?

Software Development Cost

Software development is a complicated process. Many factors go into the software development cost estimation process, but one of the most important is the method you use to estimate your time and other resources. You can use several different methods to calculate how long it will take to develop your software application. For instance, you … Read more

Top reasons why a Central Reservation System Is Essential for hotels in 2023

Central Reservation System

The modern hospitality world is a highly competitive place. Hotel owners need to do everything in their power to make their property stand out from their competitors. One of the key reasons why hotels lose business is because they rely on third party solutions for reservations. The moment a prospective guest hits an error in … Read more