How Can You Estimate Software Development Costs?

Software development is a complicated process. Many factors go into the software development cost estimation process, but one of the most important is the method you use to estimate your time and other resources. You can use several different methods to calculate how long it will take to develop your software application. For instance, you use estimation tools like Microsoft Project or Gantt charts. But how do you know which approach is best for your company?

Employ the following software development cost estimation process to achieve precise and accurate estimations: 

Identify The Needs

If you are not sure what the needs are, ask your customers. Conduct a customer feedback survey to know their pain points, goals and budget. Depending on the findings, evaluate the insights. They will give you a clear picture of your project needs. In addition, they form the base of the desired timeline for project completion.

If they don’t know how much time your developers need to build an app or if there are unknowns in terms of costs involved with developing an application, then your estimate must include all the factors so that the software development outsourcing company can provide an accurate quote at the end of your meetings with them.

Gather The Resources

The first step in the software development cost estimation process is to gather the resources. Whether you’re in-house or outsourcing your development team, it’s important to clearly understand who will work on what and when they’ll do it. This can help you, and your team better estimate costs by knowing how long tasks take and determining whether any recurring expenses are associated with this project, such as office space or equipment purchases.

Once you’ve gathered all of this information, consider the following questions:

  • How many people will be working on this project?
  • What does each person do? Do they specialize in certain areas like databases or front-end user interface (UI) design? If so, what kind of expertise do they bring to the table that makes them valuable contributors when developing these components into finished applications(s)?

Scope the project

You can define the scope of a software project as the work that needs to be done, who will do it and when they will do it. It also includes related information, like who owns the data and how you can share it with other parties.

Scope definition is important because if you don’t define your requirements properly, it can lead to wasted time during implementation or, even worse: a failed project! You need to know what exactly should be delivered by the end date. This way, you can estimate costs accurately based on this information alone (without worrying about all kinds of contingencies).

Use The Right Estimation Method

The right estimation method depends on the project. Still, you can follow some general guidelines to make sure you’re using one that is most appropriate for your specific situation. The first thing to consider is your available time and resources. 

If your company has 10 employees who all work full-time, then a large-scale project of this nature will be more expensive than two people working part-time—even if they have similar skill sets and experience levels! 

Another factor is whether or not there are any requirements or constraints placed on the timeframe. It means which project should be completed within a certain time frame. For instance, “We need this feature completed by Monday”. Finally, try asking someone who knows more about software development than yourself. They may know someone else at their workplace who could give some insight into cost estimates based on past experiences.

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Balance Between Accuracy And Speed

To be accurate, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money doing it. You can start with the most accurate estimate and then figure out a way to reduce that number as much as possible by cutting out some things or having more resources available. For example:

  • Suppose your project requires testing every line of code and error-checking every function call before releasing it into production. In that case, it will take up a lot of time and resources (and cost quite a bit). However, if you conduct these extra checks only once throughout development, they won’t add any extra work. As a result, you can save some money since there won’t be any unnecessary changes made later.
  • Another way is by using tools like version control systems which allow us to record changes made over time, so we know exactly what happened during each stage prior to the release date.”

Budget For Changes

Budgeting for changes is the second most important factor in the software development cost estimation process. If you cannot predict how much your project will change, don’t try to estimate it. Instead, consult a software development company with field experience. 


We hope this article has helped you understand the different ways to estimate software development costs and how they can be used in your project. Many more methods are available, but these five will help you get started with the right one.

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