Top 5 Projectors to enhance your Home Cinema

Creating a home cinema is something that everyone dreams of. Being able to watch your favourite Christmas film with a hot chocolate and some popcorn. With a few simple products, you can create your own DIY cinema this year for an affordable price. Below, we have listed our top 5 projectors that will completely transform your at home cinema experience.

Acer Essential X1328WKi

Acer has created a projector that provides you with a homely cinema experience. Some of its features include being able to enjoy bright, natural colours with a blue light Shield to protect you from negative blue light exposure. This projector also has the ability to screen-mirror anything from your phone or laptop providing a smooth experience.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Data Projector

ViewSonic have created a pocket-sized projector that provides the cinema experience everywhere you go. With its JBL speakers and built-in-battery, you can watch your favourite movies from wherever you are. It also provides true-to-life colours giving a high quality experience for an affordable price.

Nebula Mars II Pro Data Projector

This Nebula projector is portable with built in cinematic sound and breath-taking video clarity, providing your home cinema with an immersive experience. With its 7.1 hour portable battery life, it allows you to enjoy hours of films or TV shows from your favourite networks.

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ViewSonic PX728-4K Data Projector

ViewSonic have released a 4K projector that provides Cinema Super Color technology to enhance your viewing experience. With its 4K quality, it also supports HDR content to bring images to life and to enhance darker scenes. It also allows you to connect to multiple devices including gaming consoles to enhance your gaming experience. 

Benq W2700i Data Projector

Benq have partnered with Android TV to create a home cinema experience like no other. This projector connects you to the Google Play Store to download apps for your favourite TV Shows and Movies. This projector also offers 4K resolution with Cinematic Color technology to bring the images to life.


When choosing a projector, it is important to take into consideration what you will be using it for and the budget that you have. Concept Direct provide a wide range of projectors from some of the biggest brands.

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