Ten ways to efficiently prepare for a 16 hour long flight

Everyone likes to travel in this world. Through travel, we can learn many things and increase our knowledge and experience. Travel can sharpen your mind and your ability to think. But travelling can become a dull and headache for many people if the flight is for long hours, about 16 hours straight long flight Journey.

You are just sitting for 16 hours straight, and there is no physical activity you can do because you are travelling from an airplane which can become a bad experience for you. There are a few tips that help you to prepare yourself for the 16-hour long flight:

Choose Your Seat Comfort:

When people want to save money, booking an economic class seat can become a trouble for their long journey from the flight. They will suffer not even boringness from the wait but have no peace from the surrounding. So instead, book a first-class or a business-class seat to have comfortable travel, a seat on which you can have a long nap before you arrive at your destination—and have a peaceful, quiet surrounding where no one interrupts you from your sleep and no noise to irritate you.

Choose A Seat Next To The Window:

This might sound a bit weird, but when you have to pass the time, you sometimes look around your surroundings. But when you are in an aeroplane, where you will look so the window seat can help you out when you are bad at passing the time on long flights. You can enjoy the view while sitting in your chair, have some rare scenes from the window, and have a rare feeling you can not feel every day in your life. 

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Take Your Power Bank With You:

To have an excellent time and prepare yourself for a 16-hour long flight, you need some electronic devices like a PSP or a gaming mobile loaded with games to help pass the time for you. Plus, it would be best if you had a power bank because when your electronic devices are getting low on battery, charge them with your power bank to continue the fun and enjoyment you have while taking a long flight. Finally, carefully select the games you need to play because if you choose those games that can be boring when played, this will make all your efforts go to waste, so choose only those games that can entertain you all the time and have your focus on the game during your travel.

Wear Some environmental Clothes:

The temperature on the plane is not constant. Choose that cloth according to your home environment, and take some light clothes with you if something unexpected changes your body temperature during the flight. Because in the front rows, you can feel cold or hot temperatures while the back of the rows can have the exact opposite temperature, so be prepared for it before going on a long flight.

Listen To Your Favorite Things:

One method to pass the fast is to listen to something good that pleases you. It can be any educational audio, an audio lecture or anything that can get you in the rhythm. Listening to your favourite things can help you control yourself, bring you to your sense, and appropriately make your pass. For example, try some detective audio storytelling clips so that this can develop your interest and keep the flow onwards.

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Use Eye Mask And Earplugs:

These two things are necessary for your long flight and sound sleep. Because an eye mask will help you to have a good rest, when you put it on your eyes, you can not see anything, and it’s like complete darkness around you. This can help you to have a good sleep. Furthermore, earplugs are also required for good rest because when you put them on your ears, you will hear no noise. When there are lights off and no noise, only then can you have a nice sleep.

Read Books:

To spend a long flight time, a book can come in handy for you to spend the time peacefully. So carry only those books which can develop your interest and some storytelling novels to pass the time with enjoyment and happiness. Detective novels are some of the best options that will provide you with keen interest and curiosity about what will happen in the play. When you finish the reading, your long flight is almost over.

Bring Something To Eat And Drink:

When travelling and having a long flight, you can get hungry in this period because you do not have to travel every day and have an eating routine to follow. The flight crew also gives you food to eat, but the waiting can be a challenging thing to bear. So to tackle this problem, bring some snacks, juices and water to help you wait for the leading food to arrive when you go all out when you are feasting and having to ease when eating and want to eat more and more to have a good sleep afterwards.

Watch Some Movies:

When do you have a long flight? Watching a movie can help you out it. You can download and save some movies before the flight. Then, when the aeroplane takes off and you have your meal, now is the time to watch a film to pass more time. When you are watching a movie, it happens most of the time. You will fall asleep easily when you feel exhausted and lazy. When a person travels, they get tired after some time and fall asleep to give the body rest and activeness when they wake up again and are ready to do their task perfectly when they have a good sleep.

Contact Your Family Before Using A Sleeping Pill:

Some people use sleeping pills during their long flights, which can be very dangerous if you use them without your family doctor’s permission because you do not know the dose you want to take. So for just time passing and having a long sleep because of the long flight, you have to talk to your family doctor because the doctor will tell you which medicine to use and how many doses to take. Because things can become dangerous if you use them carelessly, taking sleeping pills during a long flight can help you have a long nap, but only when you have concerted it with your doctor’s advice.


A long flight can be very dull and hard to survive. Still, the reality is that we have undergone some experience to build a new personality that can benefit others when they are going through the same life situations. 


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