What is an RSS Widget? How to Embed RSS Feed Widget on Website

RSS is one of the oldest technologies in the field of the internet, but because of its enormous scope and efficacy, it is still relevant. Therefore, you might have noticed many brands opting to embed the RSS feed widget on website. So, what is RSS feed widget, why is there so much buzz about it, and how can you get it? This blog has all the answers. So, read till the end because this blog can help you to upgrade your marketing strategies.

What Is RSS Feed Widget?

Starting from the basics, we are all well aware of RSS, right? It is a web feed that lets users stay updated with the content from blogs, websites, and even social media platforms. Using various aggregator tools, you can collect various RSS feeds, related to your field of interest or content related to your business and showcase them on your website, using RSS widget.

If we put it in simple terms, RSS feed widget works like a functional block on the website that enables users to display RSS feed. Tools that provide you with a dedicated RSS feed widget also provide you the feature to customize your widget as per your need to make your widget attention-grabbing and pleasing to the eyes.

There are various reasons why brands are joining this bandwagon of adding RSS feed widget to website. And some of the major benefits that even you can enjoy of having RSS feed widget on your website are as follows:

Increased Traffic: RSS feeds allow users to stay updated with your website’s content without having to check it regularly. This means that users are more likely to return to your website, increasing overall traffic.

Improved User Experience:

By offering an RSS feed, users can quickly and easily find the content they’re interested in without navigating your website. This makes for a better user experience overall.

Better SEO:

By including an RSS feed on your website, you increase the chances of other websites linking to your content. This can improve your website’s search engine ranking and overall visibility.

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Increase website traffic:

When people will discover your website as one of their sources of information, they will likely visit your website more often and even have word of mouth about it. This can helps you in getting better website traffic.


You can use RSS feeds to cross-promote content from other relevant websites to your audience. This helps establish your website as a trusted source of information in your industry.

These are just the tip of the iceberg; you can extract more benefits out of it. And for that, all you need to do is pick an appropriate tool that helps you in collecting and display your RSS feed on your website. Don’t worry we have you covered on this as well; we have filtered some of the best tools for your convenience.

Best Rated RSS Feed Widget Tools

You can find ample tools that help you in this cause, and here is the list of top-performing tools that make this strategy more beneficial.


Tagembed is one of the best and well-renowned social media aggregator tools that allows users to collect feeds from 20+ platforms, including RSS feeds, and assists in displaying them on website. The tool also allows you to curate and customize the collected feed before helping you display them on the website. 

Alongside helping and making the whole embedding process simple and hassle-free, the tool also helps personalize the widget as needed. You have the option to change the font size, style and more, and even change the background colors and more of the widget. The auto-update feature of the tool saves you time, as you don’t need to refresh the feed manually to get the latest content. In fact, the feed updates automatically in real-time, keeping your website fresh and up-to-date.

You can also explore other tool features such as custom CSS, custom CTA, analytics and more.


Another great tool we have on our list is FeedGrabbr. This tool allows you to add supercharged RSS feeds to your website quickly. This tool also provides you with some stylish templates to match the overall look of your brand’s website. 

Feed Grabbr tool has ample templates such as cards, grids, lists, and image boards. We love their list template for any RSS feed widgetThis template lets you show stories or posts in a scrolling or static list. You can also add your branding by putting your logo in the header. You can also use the Imageboard template for the RSS widget. An imageboard news widget can show up to 6 images on your widget at a time. 


FeederNinja is yet another incredible tool for adding RSS widget to a website. This tool follows an easy-to-set-up embedding process and provides a responsive widget. This means it supports all kinds of screens, devices, and resolutions. 

This tool helps you use various content sources, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., with FeederNinja; you also have access to multiple skins and templates to allow the widget to look the way you want. The widget also includes features such as infinite scrolling and lazy loading, which improve the user experience by enabling visitors to easily access and browse your content without refreshing the page.

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In The End

Although RSS feed is one of the oldest technologies of the internet, it still has its importance and has the worth of playing a crucial role in your marketing gimmicks. The tools mentioned above are amongst the best that helps you to embed RSS feed widget on your website. So what are you waiting for? Try them now, and have the edge over your competitors.

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