When and Why to Use Node.js for Web App development?

Sometimes, selecting the best web app development technology can be challenging. It might be difficult for business leaders or businesses to select one. Since several programming languages, frameworks, and technologies are easily accessible today. 

When going for web app development services, efficiency maintenance is one of the crucial aspects. A project will cost more if you take more time to finish it.

Node.js is considered one of the most successful cross-platform JavaScript runtime environments. You may utilize it to build scalable and compelling REST APIs, desktop and mobile apps, and more.

This blog will talk about when and why you should utilize Node.js for web app development.  

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source server environment that relies on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome that assists in applying the JavaScript code server-side. 

It is popular among enterprises and developers because of its excellent support for JavaScript and unique features. 

It has become the best option for world-renowned brands to develop engaging web apps. Businesses that utilize Node.js are Netflix, Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, Intel, GoDaddy, BMW, etc. 

When Should You Use Node.js?

Projects that utilize JavaScript for both the front and back end of the project are using Node.js. The following are some of the most popular places when Node.js is used:

  • Complicated SPA’s (Single page apps)
  • Real-time Chat applications
  • For Static file server
  • Web App framework
  • Data Streaming applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Scripting and Automation

5 Essential Reasons to Utilize Node.js For Web App Development

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Node.js’ libraries and functionalities can improve the results of a development project. One scripting language can be used for server-side and client-side scripting, allowing developers to write code more effortlessly.

It can increase the performance of your application by 48%. Companies in the US that have incorporated Node.js into their business plans claim that it has raised developer productivity by 68%.

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Node.js is Extremely SEO-friendly

The most critical aspect of creating a web app is SEO. Every business should take advantage of SEO. Sites are rendered more visibly in the backend thanks to Nodejs. It happens because search engines can optimize React projects more efficiently.

Node.js assists in boosting SEO procedures and enriching user experience because of its high speed and high performance. 

Asynchronous Architecture Coupled With V8 Engine

Organizations can develop real-time apps with advanced features, performance, and responsiveness thanks to Node.js’s non-blocking asynchronous design.

Moreover, the V8 engine, developed by Google, is a JS engine that transforms JavaScript scripts into machine code that executes quickly.

Allows Easy Data Streaming

Advanced I/O management would be necessary for successful software development. Here, Node.js plays a vital role since it is better equipped to handle an I/O process that lets users transcode media files as they are uploaded. 

Furthermore, easier management of HTTP is made possible by reading and writing streams to Web Sockets.

Simple Learning Curve

Being a JavaScript-based system, it has compelling features. It is more comfortable to switch to Node.js coding as most engineers are familiar with it.

Additionally, Node js utilizes the same language for both the server and client sides and requires less time and effort. Therefore, consider taking the assistance of a NodeJS development company to make intuitive web apps.

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Final Wordings

Node.js may be ideal if you seek a robust platform to build scalable, effective, and quicker web apps. Whether you’re programming robots, developing sophisticated real-time web apps, or forming an Internet of Things-based system, you can benefit from this tech stack. As time goes on, more and more businesses are beginning to utilize Node.js, and the results have been successful.

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