11 best tools to create a brand logo for free

When it comes to starting a new business, you can’t do much more until you’ve designed a logo.  You can find a logo almost anywhere, from business cards to a Facebook company page.  So, creating a memorable logo should be one of the first tasks in launching any firm.

If you believe that you must spend thousands of dollars to have a logo designed for your company, think again. Google did not pay a single penny to develop its initial logo. Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, created a logo using GIMP, a free image editor. 

In this post, we’ll look at a selection of the top free logo creation tools. You can use these tools to create a high-quality, professional-looking logo. There is no need to study graphic design or hire a designer. 

Here are 11 incredible free tools to help you design a logo:


Canva is most known as a social networking tool, but you can also use it to design a logo. With over 100 options to select from, creating your logo is an easy procedure.

It provides a good range of free editable templates that you may search for by industry. One of its interesting features is that when you click on a design, it displays a list of related templates that you might be interested in.


Digital creation has become more widely accepted because of Placeit. You may use their wizard to create a new logo. Start with a company name, then choose an industry, then a graphic, and finish with custom text, colors, free svg icons and other aspects, and you’re done!

Placeit has over 8000 logo templates to select from. If you’re a gamer, you’ll be glad to hear that you may also choose animation visuals. Your logo is adaptable and you may use it on various promotional products. If you want to print it, you may do so in any size you need.

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FreeLogoDesign was founded in 2015and it is a sophisticated free HTML5 logo maker. It provides hundreds of high-quality templates that you may personalize by altering the font, shape,  

font size, and color. Over 2 million+ logos have already been created with it.

As with many other tools, you begin by providing your company name and picking a specialization from the drop-down menu. It will then produce a few possibilities for you to choose from. When you click on a design you like, it’ll direct you to an interface where you can customize it.

Designhill Logo Maker:

With almost 30,000 evaluations and over 100,000 clients, Designhill makes it simple to determine where to begin the logo design process. You may either input your company name or start by exploring its 100+ templates. If you start by entering your company name, you will lead to a page with many styles.

You must next choose at least five patterns that you like so that the system can better grasp your preferences. The next step is to choose three colors. One of the good features is that if you hold over a color, it shows you a few implications for that color. Choose your business and budget for the next stage, and then put up to five icons in your logo


Hatchful is a free Shopify logo maker that over 140,000 business owners trust. It was designed with time-crunched entrepreneurs with no prior design knowledge in mind. There are several logo templates available that you may personalize to create a unique brand. After customizing a design and color scheme, you may also receive high-quality image files suitable for retail, business cards, and social media.

Hatchful starts the process by concentrating on your business and brand values rather than your company name. It is simple to create industry-specific logos for everything from telecom services to beauty brands.


Vectr is similar to a stripped-down version of GIMP. This logo design program does not require any design experience. But, keep in mind that it is a little more complicated than the previous alternatives.

The coolest thing about this tool is that you may use it either online or through a free download to your computer.


Compared to many of the other tools on our list, LogoMakr is rather unique. When you visit their website, a blank canvas meets you. You may either begin by picking one of its icons or make your own logo by using the text, shape, and paint-bucket tools. It also provides logos made with its tool as templates, which you may edit by changing the graphics and text.

To be honest, the blank canvas might be scary and confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with dealing with graphics editors. Overall, it is a fantastic free platform to utilize if you do not need to be directed by a step-by-step method.

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Logaster requires far less mental effort than some of the other logo creators on our list. Simply input your brand name and wait for it to produce a few samples for you. If you like, you may mention your specialization and color preference, although this is not required.

If you discover a design you like, you may download it. Its all-in-one brand kit includes your logo for print and online, five color possibilities, six logo layout variations, business cards, a letterhead, a social media package, an email signature style, and a website favicon.


You may try out Ucraft’s free logo maker even though you might be better familiar with it as a landing page builder. Ucraft’s three-step logo creation procedure is simple to follow. You choose a royalty-free icon from its library, add text and your business name, and then personalize the text by adjusting its size, color, and font. It requires no design abilities because it uses a drag-and-drop tool.

One drawback is that you have to register in order to download it. Additionally, you must pay $7 to acquire it as an SVG file if you want to get it as a scalable vector file.  The benefit of utilizing vector files over PNG is that you may scale them indefinitely. This is the path to take if you intend to use a large logo anywhere.

Tailor Brands:

Tailor Brands adopts the same strategy as the other logo designers. You begin by providing your brand name, and you should be familiar with the rest of the process by now. One of the great advantages is that if your company does not fall into one of the 5 categories (physical items, services, leisure, original content, or technology), you may define what you provide. The same is true when it comes to breaking into your field.

Unlike many of the other logo producers on your list, however, you must first join up for free in order to see the logo alternatives that Tailor Brands has generated for you. If you want to establish a free account, it does provide a good range of logos that you can then further personalize.


You can create a company logo in just a few minutes using Zyro. You choose a startup logo, a color, and finally a shape. Then, after adjusting aspects like size and font, you’re ready to download and upload it. It is totally free to use, but in order to obtain your design, you must submit your email address. In return, however, you will receive full business usage rights, an increased PNG file, and a transparent image file.


These tools offer a wide range of templates, design elements, and customization options that make it easy to create a professional-looking logo, even for those without design experience. However, keep in mind that while these tools can be a great starting point. 

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your brand’s messaging and values before beginning the design process. Additionally, some of these tools may have limitations when it comes to using the final design, so be sure to review the terms and conditions before settling on a tool or design.

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