11 Killer Website Copywriting Tips to Boost Conversions [2023]

“Words are containers of power, you choose what of power they carry” – Joyce Meyer

If I am investing a certain amount of time into my business, it’s only objective is to achieve the most important part of business, which is to increase profit.

The power of words is the most effective tool in the business world. To get the most value out of your content you should write your content in a way it follows a few rules of high conversions.

Through my experience here are a few actionable tips that will help you significantly improve your website conversions significantly within a few minutes:

Find your natural voice

In modern society, you have a really busy life. In this hustle and bustle, sometimes you might forget that the content you are writing is going to be read by someone just like us. Someone who also is really busy.

When you write content like this, then it’s not very relatable and it gets mixed up in the crowd of every other content online. On average a user consumes seven hours of content daily and if you share generic content, then it will be easily ignored.

You might ask, “What’s the best way to get your content heard?”. And the answer is, sharing it in your natural voice.

Here are a few ways you can add personality to your content:

  • Use ‘I’ and ‘You’ very frequently in your content.
  • Write content as if you are talking to only one person.
  • Notice how you talk naturally and use the same style while writing content.

Writing with your own personality makes the conversation as if the reader is talking to you in person.

Make content easily readable

When writing a piece of the website content, your first goal is that the user goes through the content and gets the message that you want to share without any resistance.

Killer Website Copywriting Tips to Boost

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A general rule of thumb should be to write as if a five-year-old can also understand your message. The reader should not be forced to think.

Here are a few rules I would recommend following:

  1. Use small paragraphs: We have an attention span of fewer than 8 seconds. So, breaking down the big blocks into small paragraphs helps the reader go through your content without getting bored.
  2. Easily skimmable content: Using a heading strategically, you can break the text and structure it properly. Doing so helps readers to easily skim complete content and get an idea if the blog is helpful for them.
  3. Add variety: Adding a block of text throughout the content makes it boring. So, you should add images/videos throughout the content to break the flow and keep users engaged.
  4. Avoid Jargon: Words that are used only in your industry must be avoided as it makes it hard for anyone with no industry experience to understand your message.

Presenting your content in the easiest readable format is equally as important as writing amazing content.

Know your audience’s pain point

Your content should highly resonate with your audience. To do so, you have to write content that directly helps with the user’s problems. Hence knowing your target audience is extremely important.

For example, I am making an ebook landing page for gardeners, then I need to know their exact thought processes and pain points.

After analysing your audience, you have to craft compelling content that shares a solution for their problem.

In simple words, you have to paint a before & after picture in their mind. Failing in doing so would lead to confusion for your audience and the content won’t be helpful.

Compelling headlines

Killer Website Copywriting Tips to Boost

Neglecting headlines is the costliest mistake that you can make while writing content. Crafting a headline that is compelling and shares the message of the entire page is a science. Here is a four-step process that I use to write a spectacular headline:

  1. Come up with the main idea for the content
  2. Do rigorous research on your competition
  3. Write 5-10 different variations of your headline
  4. Keep testing headlines in your content to find which one works best

Make sure to use numbers, brackets, and power words inside the title, as they make it really compelling and entice users to read all content.

Include facts

I tried finding statistics to add to this section, but I didn’t get any. Hehe.

But, adding statistics to your blog increases trust in the claim that you might be making to your audience. For example, I say ‘70% of people get more information from reading a blog rather than traditional forms of media.’

Adding statistics to your blog and citing it helps readers build trust in your point. Also, it grabs readers’ attention and makes your content interesting.

Research your competition

I consider going through the competition as a compulsory step. Looking at my competition gives me a clear perspective of what information my content should present to users.

Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels says, ‘Reverse engineer what they’re doing right, figure out where they get their traffic and clone what they do’.

No idea in this world is unique. Researching your competitors will save you a lot of time and give you a proper perspective on how to progress with your content.

Important note: Don’t copy, Reverse Engineer.

Clear Calls to Action (CTA’s)

I notice the majority of businesses use generic CTA’s. Ok tell me which one would you prefer:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Request a Free Consultation with Mayank

 Definitely ‘b’. Writing descriptive CTAs is what makes it unique and click worthy. Using personalized CTAs can increase your conversion up to 202% or even more.

Tell your user exactly what to expect after they click the button. And it must be something that must be helpful for them.

Killer Website Copywriting Tips to Boost

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Make Your Most Important Point First

Previously I thought, dragging my viewers to give them the most helpful things at was good. No doubt I was wrong.

There’s a principle called, ‘Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing’. According to this research, it’s best to share the most important information first, then the next most important thing, and share the most important thing last.

Killer Website Copywriting Tips to Boost

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Doing so improves user retention and keeps users reading your content longer.

Take breaks

There comes a point for me when I can’t come up with any new ideas and I can’t progress further with work. Basically, my mind stops working.

In this situation, it’s fine to just take a break and relax for a bit. Maybe go on a walk or play with your lovely dog. Something to give your mind time to relax. Doing so refreshes our minds and we start coming up with better ideas much quicker than before.

I avoid using screens of any type to relax my mind because it does the reverse. So don’t use mobile, laptop, tablet, etc while relaxing.

On-Page SEO

Probably we can’t imagine today’s web without SEO. It’s a vital part of the majority of the growing businesses, whether it’s construction, real estate, manufacturing, or any other industry.

Hence getting SEO right is rather an important task for your business. Through content, you control a big part of the puzzle in on-page SEO.

Here are a few points on how content can help in regards to improving your on-page SEO:

  • High-quality content attracts a lot of backlinks. Increasing backlinks is by far the most powerful metric in SEO.
  • Writing easily readable content, as it improves user experience metrics for SEO
  • Adding LSI keywords, improving your content’s keyword optimization

Obviously, there are a lot more points that control the on-page SEO, but I consider them to be the most important ones, so never miss them out.

Killer Website Copywriting Tips to Boost

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Don’t chase perfection, chase excellence

Giving your best effort to every piece of content shouldn’t be your goal. But modeling the success of all successful content writing principles and improving your skills over time is the best mindset to go with.

For example, I can try writing the best content piece by giving it one week, which would be termed perfection. Or instead, I can give two hours to write and practice & learn a lot.

Hence, don’t try to be perfect with every piece of content, but instead, learn and practice a lot.


Copywriting is a skill that is helpful in every aspect of your business, either in advertising, websites, social media, etc. Using it effectively so that it helps you generate the maximum possible results is also really crucial.

Make sure to implement all these points to deliver the maximum results for your business efforts.

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