How Salesforce Helps Businesses Grow

In today’s world, many Fortune 500 companies have recognized the power and impact that Salesforce can have, which has led them to utilize at least one of the advantages provided by Salesforce. Globally, Salesforce has become the leading service provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which has boosted its demand and market share. Moreover, Salesforce has changed how organizations run and deliver smooth interactions with customers and partners. 

How Salesforce Helps Businesses Grow

The importance of Salesforce has increased with the need to automate processes and focus on personalizing customer experiences. In various industries, certain organizations need Salesforce more due to the large amount of data they generate daily, something that Salesforce can assist with. 

Why do businesses use Salesforce? 

There are many reasons why Salesforce is considered the best CRM tool available to businesses. Salesforce brings you the benefit of customization and scalability. As a software, investing in Salesforce would take care of your present business needs and any future needs that may arise.

Salesforce can shift and transform itself to suit your needs while also scaling up. Moreover, Salesforce also makes it possible for you to personalize your communication with your customers, along with creating and running your unique applications. 

With Salesforce, a significant advantage is that it does not differentiate between the size of its client. Irrespective of the size of your organization, you could access the infrastructures and platform of Salesforce. Furthermore, This also means that your customers would have common software, hardware, and networking platforms.

Once you start using Salesforce, you are also given access to various popular and free applications which help you find the tools you may need. With the constant use of Salesforce, at one point, you would have to utilize the Salesforce development services provided by many other businesses to ascertain the utilization of the updated features of Salesforce. 

How does Salesforce help businesses grow? 

Salesforce comes with many amazing products that can assist your organization in many ways, and some of these ways are the following 

Increasing business productivity

Salesforce CRM assists with closing sales leads faster based on your communication with your customers. Salesforce CRM also assists with increasing your opportunities for cross-selling and upselling by viewing every opportunity to boost the in-progress sales deals. Moreover, the impact of Salesforce is made on understanding the customer history with your company and how you can use the resources you gather.

With Salesforce, you can also decrease the time consumption of deals closure by automatically aligning your team with more courses of action while providing you with a complete 360-degree view of your customer base. By boosting your sales, marketing, and overall customer engagement, you would be able to increase your profitability with the help of Salesforce, which would increase your business’s productivity. 

Finding the right customers

Sometimes some of your marketing leads do not get converted to sales. And this could be because of not having a CRM system in place. In such a scenario, Salesforce can be a savior by providing you with the opportunity of connecting your marketing tools with its platform. This way, you could target and create more engaging communication with your prospective customers and make faster key decisions. 

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Decreasing the sales cost

Your sales cost is decreased with Salesforce by improving sales efficiency, boosting sales effectiveness, increasing cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and uncovering referral business. To improve sales efficiency, Salesforce assists you in prioritizing your opportunities and leads, which have a higher chance of getting converted based on your communication with your prospects. 

With Salesforce, your sales effectiveness is boosted by knowing the engagement of your customers and assessing the perfect time at which you would be able to reach out to the prospect to get the best response. The cross-selling and upselling opportunities are boosted by analyzing which opportunities are the perfect fit for adding on deals in progress.

Creating imperishable relationships

For your business, the significance can exist in having a deep and strong comprehension of your customers, which begins with viewing their history with your customer. In such a scenario, Salesforce assists with exploring the challenges your customers may have faced, then engaging in solving those challenges and creating strong relationships. 

With Salesforce, you would easily be able to understand the challenges and also have follow-up action on these challenges. As a part of the follow-up action, you can suggest the appropriate promotions and products that align with their goals and are relevant to their demands.

With Salesforce, you would be able to know about their purchases and how the services or products are being used. When engaging with your customers, it is also fruitful to note the important pointers in your system so that you can work on the information that you have received. 

Improvement in customer service and retention

According to research, it has been seen that customers are willing to pay higher if they have better customer service. Your company’s product can only be best if you have great service to back your product, both before and after the sales.

Having Salesforce can be key to improving your customer service by having appropriate communication with them after they purchase your service or product and then communicating about their preference and want. This way, you would also be able to create trust with your customers, increasing the likelihood of them returning to make their purchase from you. 

With the help of Salesforce, when you actively address your customers’ problems, offer the best service and purchase experiences, and provide your existing and new customers with new opportunities at the right time, the chances of the customer returning for your assistance increase.

Thankfully, this can be done by Salesforce, which provides you with transparency to view the history of your customers, open or close cases, and create campaigns. All these reasons above justify why business should choose Salesforce CRM over other CRMs in the market. 

Businesses Growth Statistics

Due to the increasing amount of organizations utilizing Salesforce, the profitability of Salesforce, the company has increased immensely. In the financial year of 2021, Salesforce had revenue of $21.3 billion, which rose 24% compared to the previous year.

Along with this, the overall earnings per share had also increased significantly. Comparatively, the revenue of the financial year of 2022 was $26.5 billion, which also had risen due to the performance of Salesforce. 

Depending on the sales, service, commerce and marketing, data, platform, and others, Salesforce has had a better performance in the fiscal year of 2022 compared to 2021. As a result, of this rising performance and revenue, it is expected for Salesforce to have higher revenue in the next five years. Observing its financial position in the industry helps you understand how much the utilization of Salesforce software has boosted its revenue. 


Salesforce is a unique CRM software capable of meeting your needs and requirements, irrespective of how much they change in the future. And in your journey with Salesforce, many Salesforce Partner that can assist you at every step and be on your journey of becoming the best company you can be. 

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