The Impact of AI on Real Estate Photo Editing and Sales


In the real estate business, you know that stunning pictures are important for catching the eye of potential buyers and closing the deal. But the process of editing photos can be time-consuming, especially when you have a long list of properties to market.

Maximizing Real Estate Sales with AI Photo Editing

That’s where AI (Artificial Intelligence) photo editing comes with cutting-edge technology that can take your real estate photos from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few clicks. From adding blue skies and green grass to removing unwanted objects and even virtually staging a room –  the possibilities are endless. 

This blog post will help you learn more about AI photo editing, along with explaining tips for implementing it in your business to maximize sales. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does AI Photo Editing Work?

In the realm of photo editing, AI technology is used to automate repetitive and manual editing tasks to produce stunning, professional-looking images quickly and accurately. 

Automated photo editing, uses deep learning algorithms to analyze the photo and make smart adjustments to elements such as exposure, contrast, and color balance. Skilled photo editors can implement similar adjustments (color, exposure, contrast, or other parameters) for bulk images – with the batch processing functions of such AI tools. 

How AI Photo Editing Can Help Real Estate Businesses

AI photo editing is an advanced tool for swifter editing tasks. However, you may lack the access to required resources or the expertise to handle such tools efficiently. In such a case, you can opt for real estate photo editors who can effectively handle such tasks for you. 

Having said that, let’s look at the role of AI photo editing in helping real estate businesses in detail.

Pick Your Best Photos

One of the foremost challenges in real estate photo editing is selecting the best images from a large batch of photos. This process, known as culling, can be time-consuming and tedious and may even result in errors or suboptimal image choices. And this can ultimately hamper the quality of your final product.

But here’s the good news!

AI technology can help streamline the culling process by using algorithms to analyze and identify the best photos based on the given criteria, such as focus, composition, and lighting. This saves editors time and energy, along with ensuring access to the best possible images. 

Enhance Low-Quality Images

AI can upgrade your low-resolution property images to high-quality files effortlessly. Although you can do certain standard upgrades yourself by using editing software like Photoshop, AI can add the desired quality to your final results. 

Using AI-based programs, all you need to do is to upload an image and choose your desired preferences – and that’s it. AI can process your images rather quickly and drive better results than that traditional editing software. 

Help with Automatic Masking

With the advent of AI, automatic masking, a once time-consuming task of background replacement has now become quick and feasible. Image masking generally involves precisely selecting the edges of a subject, which is often a tedious task, especially with certain complex subjects. 

Although manual masking was (and is still) possible, it requires a high level of accuracy and precision. AI-powered editing software makes the process much easier. Herein, the program does the heavy lifting, eliminating the need for tedious brushwork and allowing for more efficient editing in just a few clicks. 

Adjust Color Balance

AI can automatically adjust color balance, an area where human editors often struggle. 

Herein, AI analyzes the colors present in your photo, identifies any imbalances, and provides suggestions to adjust them. For example, if a property image has too much blue, AI can automatically reduce it to create a more balanced image. Likewise, if the photo is too warm or yellow, AI can cool it down to achieve the desired balance. 

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How Can It Help Maximize Sales?

Now that you have a clear understanding of how AI photo editing works, here’s how it can help drive sales to your business:

Highlight the best features of your property

Every property has unique features that make it stand out. With AI photo editing, you can highlight these features and make them more visually appealing. For instance, using editing techniques like High Dynamic Range (HDR) or image stitching, AI can create images that showcase the best features of your property, be it the kitchen, living room, or outdoor space. This can help potential buyers envision themselves living in the area and increase their interest in the property. 

Create virtual staging

Virtual staging has become increasingly popular in the real estate industry, especially for properties that are vacant or empty. With AI virtual staging software, you can add furniture, artwork, or other elements to images of a property to create a more inviting atmosphere. This can help buyers visualize the final look of the property and increase their likelihood of purchasing the property. 

Fact: Virtual staging can also help real estate agents save time and reduce costs by 97% by eliminating the need for physical staging. 

 Create 360-degree virtual tours

AI photo editing can also be used to create 360-degree virtual tours of properties. Virtual tours allow potential buyers to explore a property from the comfort of their homes and give them a better sense of the space and layout. Herein, the primary role of AI is facilitating the time to create effective virtual tours to allow buyers to view multiple properties in a short amount of time. 

Improve image quality

AI photo editing can help improve the quality of property images by removing noise and other imperfections. This can help create clearer and more detailed images that accurately represent the property. By using AI photo editing, real estate agents can ensure that their images are of the highest quality which can help increase the chances of sales. 

Tips for Implementing AI Photo Editing in Your Business

You can implement AI photo editing in your business in different ways. Here are a few tips to get started: 

  • Choose the right software: The foremost step to implement AI photo editing is to choose the right editing software. You can choose from several options including Luminar AI, PhotoWorks, and VanceAI. However, make sure to pick software that is easy to use and has all the features you need. 
Tip: AI-based software can cost you a significant chunk of money to access premium editing features. Hiring a photo editing service can be your best bet as these services are already well-equipped with the premium versions of the best editing apps.  
  • Train your team: Once you’ve chosen your software, the next step is to train your team on how to use it effectively. This may involve provisioning training sessions or tutorials on using the software and its features. 
Tip: Training and educating employees can take up much of your time and resources. In this case, you can consider partnering with photo editing services that are backed by a team of professional editors to perform AI photo editing. 
  • Develop a robust workflow
    Develop a step-by-step process for editing your images or creating templates that can be readily used for editing different types of property images. This is important to ensure that your process is working effectively and the quality of images remains consistent.  
Tip: Herein, you can also take the help of a real estate photo editing company to help you develop a streamlined workflow by taking care of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks of image editing. This will allow you to save more time to focus on other important aspects of your business. 


In short, the future of photo editing in the real estate industry lies in the use of artificial intelligence. AI-based photo editing software can help real estate businesses enhance the visual appeal of their property listings, attract potential customers and ultimately increase sales.

By automating the photo editing process, AI can save businesses time and effort, while delivering high-quality results to improve their online presence. However, for businesses that do not have the resources to implement AI-based photo editing in-house, outsourcing real estate image enhancement services can be a feasible option.

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