10 Impressive Ways to enhance your Video Watching Experience

Video streaming has become a popular way to entertain, educate, and inspire oneself. This technological advancement has made accessing videos on any device simple and quick. You can watch movies, shows, and dramas from all over the world on your smartphone or PC with the click of a button.

Ways to enhance your Video-Watching Experience

If you regularly watch online videos and want to take your viewing experience to another level at no cost, then this article is for you. Here we are covering ten impressive ways you can elevate your video-watching experience.

Ensure you have a good internet speed

A good and stable internet connection can make your video watching much smoother and seamless but if you are facing some issues with the connectivity, we suggest you do a quick internet speed test.

All you need to do is search ‘Speed test’ in the browser, run the speed test and you would be able to see your internet’s download and upload speed.  This way you can also check if you are receiving the internet speed you are paying for and get in touch with your service provider.

If your internet speed is fast enough you can stream HD videos online without any buffering.

High-resolution video-watching

The last thing we want to happen while watching movies is to watch them in degraded display resolution. Having to watch your favourite video after a long day at work in low resolution gets on your last nerve, right?

We suggest you watch movies that are available in at least 720p which is HD resolution. Any display resolution above this will only give you a sharp, immersive, and crystal-clear video playback experience.

Prefer downloading the video rather than online streaming

No matter how fast your internet connection is, it cannot guarantee video stability. If you are streaming videos in high resolution, your device may experience some buffering, which not only ruins our mood and enjoyment but also takes time.

You can avoid this unpleasant experience by downloading the video first. If you intend to watch a long video, such as an episode or a movie, downloading the video is highly recommended.

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Consider watching or downloading videos during off-peak hours

Have you ever had an unstable internet connection or a lot of buffering mostly post-working hours? If this is the case, try viewing or downloading during the day, when most people are at work and away from internet consumption.

If you are planning to watch a movie in the evening then try downloading the video in the morning. This way your downloads will be fast. You can also check the peak time of internet consumption around your area to get more insights.

Clear Audio is Essential

Clear and crisp sound sets the mood right for watching your favourite shows or movies peacefully. You can avoid background noises by using your headset but if you want bombastic movie theatre-like sound effects then you can connect to some good portable Bluetooth speakers.

Without being able to enjoy the music and dialogue from the movie what fun is it to watch the movie?

Take a break

Now that we are already on the topic of creating movie-theatre vibes at home, do not forget to take a short break if your video is quite long. Not only do your body and eyes need some relaxation but you can also check out your surroundings and get some small tasks at home done.

It goes without saying you can also have some snacks for your intermission!

Make use of a Professional video platform

Ways to enhance your Video-Watching Experience

Since videos and entertainment made a shift from television to our smartphones.  If you are also someone who consumes a lot of videos on your smartphone then you can try a professional video player app.

These professional video player apps offer a multitude of features like HD display resolution, sound equalizers, floating windows, background video playback, Gesture controls, subtitles, and many more free features. 

Switching to these apps not only makes watching entertaining videos accessible but they offer a vivid and in-depth video-watching experience even on a smaller screen.

Improve your browser’s performance

If you are streaming online videos, it is recommended that you disable all the other browser extensions you don’t need to stream your video. You can easily enable them after watching your video. 

However, if there are any extensions that you are never going to use again you can remove them permanently. Alternatively, you can upgrade your chrome to the latest version to experience a seamless browsing experience.

Remove All Temporary Cache Files

You may not realize that several temporary cache files slowdowns your video-watching. These files block our local directories making our device struggle to provide us with smooth video playback online.

It is essential to regularly clear cache files in order to improve performance and reduce the data processing time of the device, don’t worry it won’t delete your important information like credentials, or downloads.

Move your downloaded files from internal storage

Downloading and storing videos on a regular basis can clutter your device’s storage leaving less space for new downloads and eventually hampering the overall performance of your device.

If you are not going to watch the downloaded videos again you can consider deleting them or moving them into cloud storage. Your device will not only perform faster and more efficiently but your downloads will also become organized.

Key Takeaway

A glitch-free and consistent video-watching experience aren’t far from attainable. By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks you can experience flawless video streaming.

Check your internet speed before watching the videos, and consider downloading longer videos during off-peak hours. You can also use your mobile device to download a professional video player app, clear cache files, and optimize your browser.

To simulate a movie theatre experience at home, watch HD movies and videos on devices that provide loud and crisp sound. Last but not least, remember to take a break between videos and grab some popcorn.

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