Tips to Improve Your Mobile App Development Process

Mobile app development is a process that demands a lot of creativity, programming, time, effort, design, and money to develop a user-friendly application. Here are 10 ways to speed up the mobile app development process and improve your overall experience.

Organize your app development process into sprints:

The best process to create the mobile app development process is to divide your projects into different sprints.

Dividing the project into different sprints will help the scrum masters to complete a specific part of the mobile app development process in a limited time. This approach will also increase the motivation among the team members. 

Improve Your Mobile App Development Process

For example: when developers/software engineers will analyze that they already accomplished a specific part of the project then it will create a sense of motivation among them. 

When you work in project sprints, you can break complicated projects into smaller and more manageable tasks. You can also gain the below benefits after dividing a project into sprints: 

  • More transparency among the team members. 
  • Better team building. 
  • Tackle potential risks through multiple feedback loops. 

Important note: “JIRA” is one of the best tools for project management and your team members can make distinguish sprint categories in this tool. 

Brainstorming of ideas through mind-mapping at the different stages

In the custom mobile app development, the use of brainstorming during the mobile app development offers an opportunity for all the members to express their ideas/solutions. With the use of an effective brainstorming process, mobile app developers can design a result-oriented wireframe. 

Improve Your Mobile App Development Process

Adopt specific project management (PM) methodology

There are various project management methodologies – such as agile methodology, scrum methodology, waterfall methodology, critical path method, etc. You need to analyze which methodology will generate an emerging result for your process.

Currently, in the IT market, the use of “agile methodology” is considered highly appropriate because it (agile methodology) is an iterative process, offers higher client satisfaction, improves project predictability, etc.

Optimizing the application and staying aware of the fragmentation:

Data fragmentation means storing data in multiple locations. There can be various reasons behind storing data in different subsets. The main problem arises when the team members face issues while re-arranging the external data. 

  • To avoid this situation, you need to utilize the “compaction technique” for re-arranging the external data. 
  • This technique can help your project managers to re-arrange the already used memory space so that the additional space for importing new memory can be available. 
  • Fragmentation in the database can be resultant in creating subtables or sub-relation-related elements. You can also set different logical data units and store data at various sites. 

 Switch to the latest testing platforms/frameworks

Improve Your Mobile App Development Process

Project testing effectively covers the planning, controlling, tracking, and monitoring of the ongoing success of the project. To improve the process of mobile app development, you cannot ignore the importance of conducting effective app testing at different stages.

There are various mobile app testing platforms are available in the market – such as: “TestComplete”, “Robot Framework”, “XCUITest”, “Xamarin”, etc. You can use one or more best mobile app testing platforms or frameworks to improve your project speed.

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Use of AI-enabled solutions:

To improve the mobile app development process, you can take use of AI-enabled tools in different project areas. For example, there are 4 main areas that are related to the app development process in which you can use AI-enabled solutions: 

  • Text AI. 
  • Visual AI. 
  • Analytic AI. 
  • Interactive AI.

Important note: utilizing AI-enabled solutions will increase your project speed but they are not cost-effective solutions. If you want to develop mobile apps in minimum time then you should imply utilizing AI-enabled solutions.

Connect with remote developers 

Hire remote mobile app developers because they process extensive knowledge about the new tools and programming-based frameworks. Hire mobile app developers according to your project requirements. 

In reality, you may come across a situation in which you may analyze that remote app developers hold much more extensive knowledge than your in-house team members. Your mobile app development process can be speed up if you choose to hire remote app developers. 

Gather all the cross-platform development tools: 

Improve Your Mobile App Development Process

With the use of cross-platform development tools, you can eliminate your average time in deciphering, reworking, and re-compiling the same codes. If you will not gather cross-platform development tools then you will need to write separate codes for multiple platforms. 

Gathering all the relevant cross-platform development tools will eventually help your developers to minimize their time in writing codes and implementing them. 

There are various cross-platform development tools that you can utilize for developing your mobile application for multiple platforms:

  • React Native.
  • Adobe Phonegap.
  • Flutter SDK.
  • Ionic. 

Eliminate unnecessary configurations: 

Many app developers tend to spend their precious time adding those configurations which only hold minimal values into the app development process. Adding unnecessary configurations makes the application process slow and it can ruin your customer satisfaction. 

For example:  Screen density. or Language localizations.

Adding these functionalities (as mentioned in the above example) will only going to add a little value to your application. So, you can decide to eliminate these kinds of functionalities to improve your application speed. 

UI/UX Design

Giving preference to complicated designs will going to cost you more time and it will not even be user-friendly. Focus on adding simple designs so that you can complete your UI/UX design in minimal time and you will able to create a better user experience. 

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The Final Words 

Testing your application on a frequent basis will help you to identify bugs or errors in real time. It is necessary for you to gather app testing measures to make your application more engaging and productive for the users. 

Follow all the above-mentioned tips to make your mobile app development process faster and highly productive. Also, for the add-on, hire experienced remote developers to handle your app development projects and boost performance. 

Frequently Asked Question’s

Why should I divide my app development process into sprints?

By dividing your app development process into sprints, you will be able to better track your progress and stay on track. This will help you to prioritize your projects and achieve the best results.

Which project management methodology should be used for our mobile app development project?

The best project management methodology for your mobile app development project will vary depending on the specific goals and objectives of the project. However, some popular project management methods used for mobile app development include agile methodology, kanban methodology, and critical path methodology.

How can I avoid data fragmentation?

There are various methods to avoid data fragmentation. One way is to use the right data modeling approach. Another way is to use \” data coherence\” techniques to fetch or collect data from various platforms or sources. Another way is to use data virtualization technologies by moving data between different-different data stores.

What are AI-enabled solutions?

AI-enabled solutions are AI-based software that helps to automate tasks and make decisions. They can help you improve decision-making, optimize processes, enhance communication, and improve collaboration.

What are the benefits of hiring remote app developers?

The benefits of hiring remote app developers are that they have extensive knowledge about the new tools and programming-based frameworks, and can speed up your mobile app development process.

How can I find remote app developers?

Through the Internet, you can find remote app developers. Look for online directories, or use a search engine to find a company with a good reputation. You can also contact software development companies that specialize in outsourcing mobile app development.

Why should I avoid complicated UI/UX designs?

Complicated UI/UX designs will cost you more time in the long run. The more complex your design, the more time it will take to implement. Additionally, it can be difficult for customers to understand and use your app if it is difficult to navigate.

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