Why Is My Phone Overheating?- 07 Possible Causes & Tips

Has your phone ever started to heat up, and you weren’t sure why? While it is normal for your phone to warm up after prolonged usage, an excessively high temperature indicates a more serious issue that eventually needs cell phone repair service.

To ensure your phone is working properly and will last with you longer, consider the causes of overheating and identify the one that can be leading it. The list includes:

  • Warm environment or direct sunlight
  • Overloading the processor
  • Bad signals
  • Malware
  • Faulty charging equipment
  • Internal damage
  • Blocked ventilation

Keep reading to discover some of the most common reasons for your phone overheating and how to avoid it from happening again.

07 Possible Causes Why Your Phones Get Hot

A phone can get hot for various reasons, most of which vary in intensity. Cell phone repair experts suggest learning about these various reasons behind an overheated phone so that you can be aware of the issue and avoid it in the future.

Warm Environment or Direct Sunlight

When you leave your mobile phone in the sunlight, it gets hot. When you’re outside, protect your phone from the sun, as direct sunlight is a significant cause of overheating phones. In addition to prolonged direct sun exposure, sitting in a warm place for a long time like your automobile on a hot summer day can cause your phone to overheat.

Overloading the Processor

Smartphones are just little computers, but the difference is that phones lack internal cooling fans, while PCs have them. There’s a limit to what cell phones can manage when releasing heat. Your phone’s processor can be overloaded and overheated if too many apps open simultaneously. Here are a few examples of what can lead to a processor overload and result in getting cell phone repair services:

  • Using too many applications at once
  • Using services like Netflix or YouTube to stream videos
  • Capturing long video clips
  • Prolonged use of mobile devices to play games
  • Subpar settings, such as dynamic widgets or backgrounds
  • Setting the brightness of your screen to maximum each time you use it

Bad Signal

Everyone has experienced a situation where they are suddenly unable to get internet signals or have a patchy reception. To tackle such a situation, they raise their phone and wave it in various directions. What’s happening? Your phone is searching far and wide for a cellular, WiFi, or Bluetooth signal using all of its power. When you’re somewhere without WiFi or with a weak cellular signal, your phone works harder by sending more power to the mobile antenna.


Your phone can sometimes appear to be overheating for no obvious reason. If you are certain that you haven’t left your phone in a warm place or aren’t running a lot of apps on it, malware may cause the problem. Your phone is just as vulnerable to internet viruses and malware as desktop PCs are, which can overload the processor and force it to shut down. It’s possible that malware has been installed on your phone, causing widgets, applications, and other dangerous programs to operate in the background and load the processor.

Faulty Charging Equipment or Battery

Your phone can heat dangerously if its batteries, chargers, or cables malfunction. You should stop charging your phone if you smell burning, see scorch marks, or see melting plastic. Don’t burn yourself when removing it from the electrical socket. If possible, use the original cords and chargers; if not, it’s better to use high-quality alternatives.

Your Phone Has Internal Damage

Cell phone repair pros also explain that a phone can overheat if it has internal problems besides the battery. Dropping your phone is normal, but it can cause its parts to short-circuit and cause overheating. The thermal paste on your phone can become inefficient at transporting heat from the processor if it sustains more damage.

You Have an Older Phone

An older phone is more likely to overheat. The thermal paste in the processor is a component that can have worn out on older systems. Your phone will heat up faster if there is wear and tear on the thermal paste. If you want to use your phone for extended periods, think about taking breaks or disabling unnecessary services like Bluetooth to give its processor a rest.

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Tips by Cell Phone Repair Experts to Stop Your Phone From Overheating

Here is what you should do to help you avoid these troublesome reasons behind your phone overheating.

Avoid Direct Sunlight On Your Phone

Keeping your phone away from the sun is the simplest method to avoid overheating. The longer your phone is exposed to heat and sunshine, the more light and heat it absorbs from the sun.

Keep Your Apps Up-To-Date

Numerous software upgrades come with bug fixes that can increase your phone’s efficiency—reducing the energy it consumes.

Lower Your Screen Brightness

Reduce the brightness and think about lowering the screen timeout length to prevent your screen from staying on longer than necessary. Additionally, consider getting an antiglare screen protector for your phone. It can make the screen easier to view in the sun, saving you from adjusting the brightness and going to a nearby cell phone repair shop.

Use A Manufacturer-Approved Charger

You should use a charger from a reliable company that is compatible with your smartphone. Additionally, ensure that the charging port on your phone and the charger are in good condition, as these problems can also cause overheating.

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Your phone always can get hot, regardless of its power. The causes for this issue can include malware and bad signals to older phones. However, you can avoid your phone overheating in the future by avoiding sunlight, keeping your phone up-to-date, and lowering screen brightness along with using an original charger. But if your smartphone still needs professional cell phone repair services, then you can contact Vantel for quick, affordable, and reliable repairs with an excellent warranty.


Can a phone recover from overheating?

Your phone may require assistance to return to room temperature if it is becoming too hot. Fortunately, most of the time, no permanent harm is done to your phone after it cools down, even if it overheats and shows a warning.

Does phone overheating cause damage?

Your battery will lose its ability to store energy in higher temperatures quickly. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat can harm its battery. Excessive temperatures speed up your battery’s aging process, making your phone fail sooner.

Can I use ice to cool my phone?

Avoid placing it in a cold place. If your phone is heated, don’t try to cool it down using ice cubes or refrigerator air. These abrupt temperature changes can also cause much damage.

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