Increase your Company’s productivity with CRM integration 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the crucial part in any business. To enhance the company’s productivity in the digital world, CRM operations are streamlined using CRM software.

This CRM software integrates various tools to automate various tasks in CRM platform like sales automation, email marketing, customer service, customer data management, and so on. This automation helps the company to streamline their CRM operations which will enhance their productivity.

This article will explain about CRM integration, and various CRM tools to be integrated to enhance the productivity of the company.

CRM integration

CRM integration refers to the method of connecting the CRM software with other tools or systems to enhance the efficiency of the CRM software. This integration range varies based on the requirements of the business.

Some businesses require to integrate just CRM software with their website to handle the CRM operations alone. This kind of requirement does not need any other special tools to be integrated with it.

In other cases, the business requirement may be collecting customer data, email marketing campaign, SMS marketing, providing customer service, sending reminders, and so on. In this case, CRM software needs various automation tools to be integrated.

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Various CRM tools

Various CRM tools can be integrated to automate tasks and to streamline the CRM operations. Some of such CRM tools are email marketing tool, SMS marketing tool, calendar tool, workflow management tool, invoice generation and tracking tool, and report generation tool.

CRM tools are not limited to these tools.

Email marketing tool

Marketing is the key for sales in any business. CRM deals with marketing. In the digital world, email marketing plays the major role of marketing. CRM software integrates email marketing tool to send bulk emails.

Customization can also be done with this tool. This tool will not only be used for sending email, but also it can conduct analysis of market trends, customer preferences, and customize the messages accordingly. The group of customers can also be customized and can create lists.

Using this tool bulk emails up to 500 or 1000 emails can be sent in a single click. After sending emails, it shows valuable insights on status of the emails sent, like how many emails sent, delivered, read, and not read.

SMS marketing tool

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is also another way of marketing. The same way, SMS marketing tool deals with customer’s contact numbers.

By using a list of contacts created already, this tool can send bulk SMS in a single click. This SMS marketing tool also provides reports on the status of the SMS sent, delivered, read, and not read.

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Calendar tool

Calendar tool is one of the most important tools that CRM automation software needs. This tool can be integrated for various purposes like assigning tasks for CRM person, creating reminders, assigning automated marketing campaigns, inventory management, invoice generation, and sorting payment details of customers.

Workflow can be assigned based on this calendar tool. CRM person can send reminders by automating the task. This tool will send reminders to the customers in the mentioned duration of days automatically.

This will also ensure that the CRM person makes regular follow-ups with the customer without causing delay. This periodical touch with customers will enhance the customer relationship with the organization.

Workflow management tool

This workflow management tool can be used to streamline the workflow in the sales process. CRM team can prioritize the tasks and they can schedule the task priority wise.

This workflow will automatically initiate the tasks one by one according to the fixed flow. This can avoid confusion or missing any important leads.

Even new employees can understand the workflow easily without any major training provided. This will enhance the efficiency of the team and company.

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Invoice generation and tracker

Invoice generation is an important part of sales.  This tool can generate invoices in the predefined model, making the task simple and more efficient.

Since this is an automated task, errors can be reduced. It can also have the option to scan the product to fetch the details. These features can increase the efficiency of the invoice generation.

This tool is also used to track the invoice until the payment is done. Periodically sending reminders to the customer regarding payment, if not paid till date, then notifying the customer in the dashboard for the CRM attention to make follow-up.

Once the payment is made, the customer status is notified for further updates.

Helpdesk tool

Like sales, customer service is also very important for an organization’s growth. CRM software integrates various helpdesk software to provide enhanced customer service.

Helpdesk tools like Yorodesk, provide 24/7 customer support which will enhance the overall service. These tools can provide services like handling customer issues, recommending some products based on the customer preferences and behaviors, and collecting feedback regarding the products or services.

Chatbots used in these tools can provide personalized suggestions which will increase customer satisfaction. While using these tools for helpdesk, customers need not wait for long time, since these tools can handle multiple users at a time.

Also, it can deal with multi language customers in their own languages. Overall, helpdesk software like Yorodesk enhances customer satisfaction.

Report generation

At the end of the day or month, reports are mandatory to access the status of the project, team, or organization’s growth. CRM tool integrates report generation which will give various kinds of reports based on project, sales, resources, inventories, and budget.

All these reports will be available in one place for easily accessible. Reports will also be available in the graphical representation which will be more easily understandable than documented reports.

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End note

By integrating CRM software in your business, you can avoid human errors, last minute engagements, missing any leads follow-ups, confusion in the workflow, etc.

All the status will be updated and shown in one place to easily accessible. This will ensure that no leads will be missed. Customer engagement will be enhanced, which will increase the productivity of the company.

Customer service is also handled by software, which will enhance customer satisfaction and will also increase trust in the brand.

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