7 Most Common Use of JavaScript in Web Design

JavaScript, a lightweight, object-oriented programming language, is used by many websites to script pages. It can be interpreted and used as a full-fledged programming language. JavaScript allows dynamic interactivity in websites when applied to HTML documents.

Java Script allows users to create modern web applications enabling them to interact with the site without reloading the page each time. JavaScript is used to dynamically change HTML and CSS to update a user interface using the DOM API. It is most commonly used in web applications.

Let’s talk about JavaScript’s uses. The following image shows some of the JavaScript uses.

What uses JavaScript? JavaScript allows Web Design London companies to create interactive and dynamic web pages. JS applications have powered the internet since 1995.

JavaScript – The basics:

Let’s first get the basics out of JavaScript before we dive into the details. These basics will help you understand JavaScript, which could be a great choice if you want to learn programming languages.

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What is JavaScript?

  • JavaScript is a multi-paradigm, just-in-time (JIT), compiled programming language that allows dynamic typing. JavaScript, when combined with HTML and CSS, is one of the most popular technologies on the World Wide Web.
  • The web was static before JavaScript. JavaScript allows web pages to contain complex content that can react to user manipulations or even animate.
  • JavaScript was initially only available on the client side, i.e., web browsers. Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that supports JavaScript. This allows code to be written and executed on the server side.
  • Nearly all browsers have a JavaScript engine that executes code. For their client-side behavior, most websites rely on JavaScript.
  • The JavaScript JIT compiler is particularly noteworthy. It is known that interpreted languages are slower than compiled ones. The JIT compiler, however, is a feature that the run-time executor has.
  • It combines the benefits of an interpreted language, such as dynamic typing, with the advantages and rigor of compiled code.
  • JavaScript also offers dynamic typing. This feature allows for looser restrictions on variable declarations.
  • JavaScript also supports object-oriented programming. This allows developers to think intuitively.

Why is JavaScript so popular?

According to the TIOBE Index, JavaScript is placed seventh among programming languages after Visual Basic and PHP. Although it is a niche language, JavaScript has several distinct advantages that set it apart from Python, C, and Java. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable.

  • High-level. JavaScript is a high-level language. It’s similar to C and Python.
  • Established. JavaScript has existed in some form or another for over three decades. JavaScript is a well-known technology that has many resources and a lot of expertise.
  • No compilation. JavaScript can be run immediately after it is written without any collection. This makes prototyping much faster and causes less irritation.
  • Versatility. JavaScript has gained a lot of additional features over the years thanks to its ‘libraries’ function functions, which can be added as needed. JavaScript can be used for almost everything.
  • Lower overheads. JavaScript is optimized so that it runs smoothly on all kinds of machines.
  • Interoperability. It’s easy to add additional content to a website that you have created in another programming language.

What’s JavaScript used for?

Javascript can also be used to do things that don’t require web browsers. Let’s look at some places where Javascript might be useful.

Mobile Apps:

JavaScript Web Design London agencies can create apps for iOS and Android with the same skillset, thanks to some frameworks we have already mentioned. For aspiring Web Design London firms, creating Android games is a great place to start.

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Interactive maps:

JavaScript is an excellent tool for creating maps. These maps can be zoomable and overlayed with information about specific locations. JavaScript can be used to create maps that are not real-world locations.

Virtual reality:

VR is an exciting and new field. The limits of this technology are still being explored. Everyone is using it, from surgeons to gamers to interior designers. JavaScript is a powerful tool for working with VR. You can view our course, How to Construct Virtual Reality Experience, from Lancaster University.

Reservation systems:

JavaScript is a great way to allow guests to reserve a table at a restaurant for a specific time.

An interactive restaurant plan might be displayed, showing which tables are available at what times. These same benefits apply to theatres, cinemas, and theme parks, as well as other attractions.


JavaScript makes it possible to create browser-based games. You don’t have to make them two-dimensional — almost everything is possible. Our course Software Development Fundamentals: Programming Languages & HTML, will help you get started in web-based software development.

You might also consider Video Game Design and Development or the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Create Your Own Adventure Game.


Javascript is an excellent tool for visual elements that can be moved around. Javascript animations can be easily customized to fit the display device. Animations can be interactive and infinitely zoomable.

Data visualization:

We mentioned in our article about Python how Python is excellent for creating fancy graphs and charts. JavaScript is the same. JavaScript is a great way to show off a lot of data.

We offer courses that will teach you more about Data Visualisation, such as Data Visualisation using Python: Matplotlib, Visual Analysis, Data Visualisation with Python: Bokeh, Advanced Layouts, and Data Visualisation With Python: Visual Analysis.

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Understanding JavaScript’s purpose can help you adapt your business plan to meet your project’s requirements. Web development goes beyond building websites. It encompasses many industries.

Need qualified JavaScript developers for your project? You are exactly where you should be. The O2SOFT has JavaScript experts available to lend their expertise for your next project.

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