5 Tools to Help With Salesforce

You can boost your sales, marketing, and customer service with the help of Salesforce. However, as your company grows, keeping track of all your Salesforce data and processes can become a tedious and time-consuming task. The solution is to bring in third-party applications and technologies. The availability of such tools has made possible the automation of once labor-intensive processes, the simplification of routine chores, and the discovery of previously inaccessible insights in data.

Given below is an overview of five useful tools, that will help you get off to a good start with Salesforce, no matter whether your goal is to boost sales, marketing, or field service. 

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Salesforce App.

You need the Salesforce Mobile App if you’re a salesperson who’s always on the go. This tool grants you access to your entire Salesforce database from your mobile device, streamlining account management, data entry, and teamwork. The app is simple to navigate and offers instant access to information regarding your financial standing and business transactions.

Advantages of the Salesforce app

The Salesforce mobile application allows you to access your information regardless of your network connection. Whether or not you have a connection to the internet, you can still access and modify your data. When you reengage to Wi-Fi, the app will send any changes to Salesforce.

You may save time and increase productivity with the help of several capabilities available in the Salesforce Mobile App. For instance, the program can be used to automate the process of adding new contacts from scanned business cards to your Salesforce account. The app also allows you to establish appointments and reminders, ensuring you get all crucial visits and follow-ups.

Email in Salesforce

You may save time and effort using Salesforce Inbox, an email integration solution. Inbox makes syncing your email with Salesforce simple, providing instant access to your client database and facilitating better lead and contact management.

Accessing and updating Salesforce information without ever leaving your inbox is a major perk of Salesforce Inbox. This eliminates the need to manually enter data twice, as changes made in one place are immediately reflected in the other.

Salesforce Inbox also allows you to streamline your email processes using automation. An automated email sequence can be triggered when a potential customer performs a specified action, such as opening an email or clicking a link. As a result, you’ll be able to nurture your leads better and move them forward in the sales funnel.

To help you follow up with prospects at just the right time, Salesforce Inbox instantly alerts you when they open or click on your emails. The combination of Inbox and Salesforce allows for comprehensive tracking of all customer contacts, including email correspondence.

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You can increase your sales and leads with the help of Pardot, a marketing automation solution. Pardot allows you to streamline your marketing processes and concentrate on developing meaningful connections with your clients and prospects.

Among Pardot’s many benefits is its ability to work with Salesforce to streamline lead and contact management. Pardot allows you to build landing pages, forms, and email campaigns that are specific to your target audience while also monitoring their activity and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

It also has sophisticated lead scoring and grading tools to help you zero in on the most promising contacts and focus your follow-up efforts. Pardot also allows you to automate and personalize your communications with leads, facilitating their progression through the sales funnel.

In addition, Pardot offers in-depth reporting and analytics features to help you evaluate the efficacy of your marketing initiatives and make educated decisions. Metrics like the percentage of people who open your emails, the actions they do on your website, and the number of people who convert are all things that can be monitored and used to better future campaigns.

CPQ in Salesforce

If you’re looking to streamline your quoting and pricing processes, look no further than Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote). With CPQ, you can quickly and easily generate accurate and personalized quotes for your customers without worrying about making mistakes or overlooking details.

Salesforce CPQ’s biggest benefit is its ability to sync up with Salesforce, where all of your customer and product information already resides. CPQ allows you to develop estimates for your products and services specifically designed for each customer.

For added peace of mind, your quotations will always be accurate and in line with your company’s price policy when you use Salesforce CPQ to automate your pricing and discounting procedures. With CPQ, you can keep tabs on your quotes and your sales pipeline to see how things are progressing at all times.

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Salesforce Maps

Using Salesforce Maps, a location intelligence tool, you can improve the efficiency of your mobile sales and service teams. Maps allow you to see your data on a geographical scale, shedding light on where your clients are located and helping you better plan your routes and schedules.

Viewing your customer data in one location is a major perk of Salesforce Maps, which is why it interacts well with Salesforce. Maps can be used to map out sales territories, allocate accounts to salespeople, and coordinate travel plans.

You may save time and money on transportation thanks to the sophisticated routing and optimization tools in Salesforce Maps By integrating with Salesforce and using Salesforce data replication tools, you can ensure that your data is always accessible and up-to-date, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive more revenue for your business.

You can swiftly adjust to changes in your schedule or your customers’ needs with the help of Salesforce Maps’ real-time notifications and updates. Moreover, the Maps mobile app allows you to access your data and routes wherever you go, allowing you to make educated decisions at any time.


There is a large variety of add-ons and integrations available for Salesforce that can enhance your ability to handle sales, marketing, and customer care. You can likely find a tool to assist you in doing whatever it is you’re trying to do, whether it’s simplifying your procedures, making use of automation, or learning more from your data. The five tools discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg. You can take your Salesforce operations to the next level and increase your company’s revenue with the help of the right tools and applications.

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